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December 08, 2009

Ice Cream IPO

Ice Cream IPo

It's not easy being a nonprofit in today's economy. One foundation in Baltimore that employs underprivileged youth has reacted to the down economy by getting bigger: Taharka Brothers Ice Cream is issuing stock options and going public.

The venture is the result of an unlikely collaboration and friendship between Carroll Skipwith and Sean Smeeton. Dick Gordon talks to the two men about how a mentoring relationship begun 20 years ago morphed into an entrepreneurial opportunity.


After The Wall Came Down

Marina Brown heard Dick's conversation with Birgit Lindemann about her memories of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Marina grew up in Bulgaria. She wrote to The Story saying she also remembers feeling excited in 1989. "I remember singing "Wind of Change" by the Scorpions," she wrote. "There was a lot of HOPE in the air those days. Things got really difficult afterwards, though." Marina shares some memories of how she and her family experienced the changes.

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