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December 15, 2009

One Radio City Rockette

One Radio City Rockette

Millions will flock to New York City this holiday season to enjoy the Radio City Rockettes perform their classic holiday show. It's a New York tradition, one Tina Vaughn knows well. She got to live out the dream of dozens of young girls who want to grace the Radio City stage as a real Rockette dancer. Tina tells Dick Gordon that being a Rockette is like living inside a Christmastime snow globe. But there are downsides too - multiple shows a day, dancer weigh-ins, and no down time during the holidays. Coming up on The Story, what it's really like to be a Rockette.

Myths And Magic

Last Christmas, Lauren Whitehurst's twin 7-year-olds put their mom on the spot with a request for a hard-to-find color of an electronic game.  The question was: "Why can't Santa bring me the pink one?" Lauren navigated that well, and all was fine for a few months … until the subject of the Tooth Fairy came up. Lauren tells Dick about the conversations that followed.

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