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December 07, 2009

The Soul of Water

The Soul Of Water

Today in Copenhagen, world leaders are gathering for The United Nations Climate Change Conference. They'll be talking about things like carbon emissions, global warming and the health of the oceans.

In recent years, the writing of one woman has helped bring scientists and opinion leaders a bit closer to understanding changes in the oceans. But Deborah Cramer doesn't come to this issue from a science background. In fact, she disliked science as a kid. But when she grew up, she moved to a home on the edge of a salt marsh, and soon she was captivated by what was happening in her own backyard. The article she wrote about the marsh landed in the New York Times. Since then, Deborah has become a kind of accidental science writer.

  • Find out more about Deborah and her books
  • See a video for the Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water Our World book 
  • Learn more about the Smithsonian exhibit
  • Explore the sea around you


The Friendship Tree

Today's Your Story comes from Judith Perkinson. Judith and her husband were living on a military base with little money to spend on things like Christmas decorations. That year, 1967, they started the tradition of a "friendship tree," where guests were asked to bring one ornament to the tree trimming party. Over the years, many decorations accumulated, each with its own story and memory attached. Years later, when Judith and her young sons went to get the decorations out, they realized they had been stolen. Judith talks to Dick about the magical moment that happened next, and the memory that has lasted a lifetime.

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