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December 17, 2009

The Unknown Rockwell

The Unknown Rockwell

No one can ever really know how a master artist works. But Buddy Edgerton has some idea. He lived next door to Norman Rockwell as a boy. Norman Rockwell, of course, was the prolific illustrator most often associated with the Saturday Evening Post. Like many in the community, Buddy was the subject for a number of Rockwell's paintings. He often posed, for $5 a sitting, as a Boy Scout. Buddy cherishes his memories of the Rockwell family:  Norman, Mary and the boys. Buddy Edgerton joins Dick Gordon to talk about his unique view into the life and work of a master.

  • Find out more about Buddy's book 
  • Find out more about the Norman Rockwell Museum. Special thanks to the Museum for sharing extensive images for this Website.


Tough Job: Prayers At The Port

Mary Davisson felt a calling to the church for many years, but she had no idea that calling would land her a ministry at the rough and tumble Port of Baltimore. We thought it was a good time to hear Mary's story, because the shipping business doesn't stop for Christmas. Mary says it's a little strange sometimes to be a female clergy on the ships, counseling sailors who have been at sea for months at a time. Mary tells Dick about the hard, and occasionally humorous, situations she's found herself in at the docks.

  • Learn more about Mary's work

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