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December 14, 2009

Win One For The Forests

Win One For The Forests

As leaders in Copenhagen discuss their plans to address global warming, Dick Gordon has two stories of environmental activists who have successfully protected the places where they live. Hugo Jabini is a recipient of the 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize. Hugo's story begins thirteen years ago, when Chinese logging companies moved into the rainforests of Suriname, on the northern coast of South America. The loggers had the blessing of the government, but no one had checked with the people who lived in those forests. They are the Saramaka Maroons, descendants of African slaves. Hugo helped organize his people to stop the logging. He talks with Dick Gordon about his childhood in the forest and what his legal victories mean for the future of rainforests.

Not In My Backyard

For over 30 years, residents of an historically black neighborhood in North Carolina have fought to shut down the landfill near their homes. Recently, Reverend Robert Campbell took his argument all the way to the White House to be heard. And last week, county commissioners voted to stop sending new trash to that landfill. Rev. Robert Campbell talks with Dick about his love for the neighborhood, and the fight for clean drinking water.


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