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January 12, 2010


Leonor with pump and two small children
Leonor Childers with daughter Miranda, 2, and infant son Julian.

Bionic Woman

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Janet Babin

Leonor Childers is one of the few people in this country who have a new kind of heart pump - one that is permanently implanted, which she plugs into the wall each night.

When Leonor was pregnant with her second set of twins, she discovered a lump on her breast. It was cancer. She and her husband decided to go through with the pregnancy, despite chemo and other treatments. When she delivered eight weeks early, the last thing the couple expected was for Leonor to suffer heart trouble. But that's what happened.  Soon after, she found herself in the hospital with a failing heart.

Leonor's heart pump helps her heart get blood to her organs. Though the device is cutting edge, it has a 54 percent survival rate after two years. Dick Gordon talks with Leonor about what life is like with the new device and what her goals are these days. 

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