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January 18, 2010

The Rescue Effort

Today on The Story we're talking with people who were caught up in Haiti's earthquake, and with the people who have been helping.

Chris Rolling and his wife, Leslie, head up a nonprofit in Haiti dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to the water crisis there. Chris was near a school when the earthquake struck. He talks with Dick Gordon about the students he was able to pull from the rubble, and the one young girl he couldn't save.

Dr. Tony Redmond is an emergency physician on his way to Haiti. He's been in devastated areas before, from the earthquake-affected areas in China to the war zone in Sarejevo. He tells Dick that despite all the medical expertise he brings, sometimes the most important thing he can do for people in need is to just show up.

Leann Chong had just taken a shower and sat down to write when last week's earthquake hit Port au Prince. She fell through the collapsing floors of Hotel Montana and remained trapped under the rubble for the next 17 hours. She was face down in a kind of fetal position. Leann says she prayed, breathed and kept herself awake until rescuers finally heard her cries. She speaks with Dick from her hospital bed in the Dominican Republic.

And one last story: Kent Annan has spent much of the last 7 years in Haiti. He was there about 5 years ago when hurricanes created massive flooding and mudslides. He tells Dick about the one memory he has of that time that gives him hope now.

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