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January 01, 2010


Ed Lyons
Ed Lyons

The Shoot Out In New Buffalo

In troubled economic times, landing a job as a police officer can look stable and lucrative. But 35 years ago, the small town of New Buffalo, Mich. was having a hard time attracting new police recruits. So they'd approach boys in high school, put them through a class, and make them cadets - police interns. Barry Schroder had just turned 18 when he joined up.

Barry got a uniform and a badge, and more often than not, chose to ride along with a smart, tough, but funny patrolman named Ed Lyons. One night Ed and Barry found themselves in the middle of a shootout with a motorcycle gang. That night prompted Barry to rethink his dreams of becoming a police officer, but his mentor and friend Ed helped him find another path. Years later, Barry got to return the favor to Ed. Barry talks with Dick Gordon about the man who had so much influence on his life. 

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