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February 15, 2010

Air Force To Handbags


Aaron Turney was a semester away from his dream job teaching English at the Air Force Academy when he got caught up in a periodic force reduction - meaning Aaron was out of a job. He tried everything, and got quite depressed, before a light bulb went on. Aaron's wife, Tracy Russamano, had become an accomplished designer since her days sewing outrageous costumes for Aaron's band. She was now making handbags and attracting quite a bit of attention. So Aaron became an entrepreneur. He talks with Dick Gordon about the meandering path that led to the creation of Redhanded Bags - and how the business is faring in an economy that's still rotten.



Tania Richard has been watching the tragedy of Haiti's earthquake from afar, and it's reminded her of a story she had buried for 20 years. Tania's sister died in a car accident while she was in college. Tania's family is from Haiti, but they were living in Chicago. After the funeral, a Haitian woman came to Tania's house and held a prayer circle. At the time, Tania felt that the circle was embarrassing, the grief too open and raw. But recently she's been remembering that woman with admiration - and thinking about the strength of Haitian people as they grieve.



Jerry White has been delivering packages for FedEx for more than 20 years. One delivery stands out more than all the others - the Valentine's Day when he inadvertently delivered a package from "Teddy Bear" to an unsuspecting husband - accidentally revealing the wife's affair. Jerry says his friends at FedEx still tease him around Valentines' Day to watch out for "Teddy Bears."

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