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February 24, 2010

Black Farmers Seek Restitution


Late last week, the Obama administration announced that it was setting aside $1.25 billion for black farmers. The money is meant to compensate African American farmers who, for years and years, couldn't get loans from USDA offices in the South. Beverly Lett and George McMillion have strong memories of discrimination. They grew up three miles from one another in Burnt Corn, Alabama, and both watched their parents struggle to get the loans needed to run the family farms. Beverly and George, who are married, are both seeking restitution from the federal government. They talk to Dick about growing up in Burnt Corn, the struggle to farm, and their hopes for fair compensation.



Cameron Hughes is rare breed, a professional fan who gets paid by numerous NBA and NHL teams to go crazy in the aisles. Right now he's living out a dream - he's been hired by the 2010 Olympics to cheer at the men's and women's Olympic hockey games, including for his home team, Canada. He joins Dick to talk about his torn up hands, his scratchy throat, and how hard it is to stay neutral when Canada takes to the ice.

  • Find out more about Cameron here and here.
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