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February 11, 2010

For The Good Of The Cause

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of the sit-in at a Woolworth's in High Point, N.C. The High Point protesters got less attention than the Greensboro Four, who sparked demonstrations all over the South. But the High Point sit-in was unique - since it was carried out by high school students.

Brenda Saunders Hampden was one of those students. Her activism didn't start there. The previous year she and her sister desegregated the High Point schools. They weren't just the first African American students to walk through the doors of the all-white junior high and high school - they were the ONLY African American students there. Brenda talks with Dick Gordon about the personal injustices she suffered for the greater cause of civil rights.



Several Americans have gotten caught on the wrong side of international borders in the past year. For Jay Sorensen the news stories bring back a lot of memories. When Jay was a young man in the 1980s, he spent a lot of time traveling behind the Iron Curtain. American travelers at the time were generally accepted by Communist regimes. But not so much when they wandered past warning signs and onto military bases. Jay talks to Dick about his accidental trip to a Polish base, and how the experience changed his views on the mishaps of today's travelers.


Claire DeLune from the album Classical Moods; Oh Freedom performed by Dominique Fauchard for the album Piano Spirituals : La Magie Des Plus Beaux Negro Spirituals Au Piano

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