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February 04, 2010

Hundreds Of Babies


Roody Joseph has become an almost accidental aid worker in Haiti. He was preparing to leave the country when he met two mothers with infants that had no milk. For the past two weeks, Roody has made it his job to find milk, formula and diapers for the youngest survivors of the earthquake. At last count he'd identified 500 infants in need in his area. Roody was able to bus some of them to better care in the Dominican Republic. He tells Dick Gordon why he gave up his chance to return to his family of six in Florida, and what he thinks of Haiti's adoption controversy.

  • Learn about Roody's work with Haitian infants.



Melody Wen Zhang has been watching Haiti closely - and remembering her own experiences helping children in the aftermath of China's massive earthquake almost two years ago. Melody spent weeks distributing medical supplies and formula to needy babies, and risking her life by transporting food and water to an orphanage in a remote mountain village that was threatened by landslides. She talks with Dick about the challenges of keeping families together in the wake of tragedy, what it meant to her to be part of the relief effort, and what recovery she's seen in China.


Timoun Yo (Their Baby) by Belo

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