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February 18, 2010

Out Of The Money Pit


A study this week reported 5 million home owners will slide into foreclosure within the next few years. Shana & Matthew Onigman are doing everything in their power not to be a part of that statistic. 

When they bought their fixer-upper home, they planned to slowly make repairs. Within weeks, they watched nearly everything fall apart - pipes burst, floorboards collapsed and termites poured into the kitchen. Friends and family recommended Shana and Matthew walk away. Instead, they've torn the house completely down and they are rebuilding on the same spot, doing everything from fitting the pipes to nailing the roof - themselves.



For over 14 years, Alex Chronis has made a living off of scavenging other people’s antiques. When eBay and other online auction houses took over the industry, business dried up and Alex found himself without work. That’s when he discovered an old warehouse with various aged molds. Now Alex has reinvented himself as a vintage modern and industrial dealer. Alex talks with Dick Gordon about how he's learned to make it in the art business during the recession.

  • Learn more about Alex's art business here
  • See a recent bouquet by Alex
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