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February 05, 2010

Recording Friends


Lee Payne, Jon Biscoe, Frank Cha and Tom O'Halloran played in bands together for years. But as they got older, life drew the four of them in different directions and to different parts of the world. Jon was about to become a father. Lee went to serve in Afghanistan. But then Jon decided to throw out an idea. Each guy was asked to write an original song, then email it, complete with chords and lyrics to the group. Everyone then recorded their own version of each song. The four friends reunited recently to listen to the songs. Lee, Jon and Frank join Dick to talk about their new media music project - and the unexpected impact it had on their friendship.



Our Your Story segment is one of the most popular parts of the show. We love to hear the stories that are your favorite, for one reason or another. Kevin Merkelz wrote in to tell his story. He wanted an adventure the first time he left the U.S. on a trip abroad. But when he unexpectedly wound up in Kashmir on the border of Pakistan, it was much more than he bargained for. In fact, his trip became quite frightening. Kevin talks to Dick about learning the benefits of a little mistrust. 

  • Check out Kevin's photos of Srinagar here.
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