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February 16, 2010

Three Deaths At Guantanamo


When three prisoners at Guantanamo Bay died on the same night in June 2006, the official report said they had committed coordinated suicides by hanging themselves in their cells. Years later, a Seton Hall University professor named Mark Denbeaux asked a group of his law students take another look based on newly-released documents from multiple investigations. Adam Deutsch and Kelli Stout were part of that group. They were shocked to learn the three men had been dead at least two hours before they were found, when they were supposedly under constant supervision. And that was just the beginning. 

Adam, Kelli worked with professor Mark Denbeaux to publish their findings in a report entitled "Death in Camp Delta". Adam, Kelli and Mark talk to Dick Gordon about what happened when they realized that the official reports were highly suspect - and what has happened since the release of their own report.



John Allert has been listening to our series of stories on recovering lost or stolen items. There was the stolen (and recovered) bike. The stolen (and recovered) drum set. John wrote in to tell his story. It involves a brand new chainsaw, a neighbor, and a confrontation.

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