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February 19, 2010

On Top Of The World


When Brad and Tonya Clement are asked the question “how did you two meet?”, they have a good answer - on Mount Everest. Brad and Tonya were all business when their Everest expedition group first got together. With a ten percent death rate for those attempting to summit, they couldn’t afford any distractions. But the tense circumstances, close quarters, and the extraordinary majesty of the mountain pulled Brad and Tonya together and sparked a romance when they were least expecting it.  Brad and Tonya talk to Dick Gordon about how they fell in love on top of the world.



Mogadishu, Somalia is by most accounts the most dangerous city in the world these days.  More than 8,000 people have fled the city in the past couple of weeks.  They’re fleeing increasingly intense fighting between the shaky government of Somalia and a coalition of Islamist groups.  Mogadishu is the home for a young schoolteacher called Abdi.  Abdi says when people leave the city of Mogadishu, they go to massive refugee camps.  Abdi goes there often to visit.  It’s where his mother, and his girlfriend live. 



Erol Josue is a musician and vodou priest who left Haiti as a teenager. He lives in the US now.  His mother and 5 year old niece are now living on the street in Haiti as a result of the earthquake. Since the quake, Erol has been traveling and performing to raise money for his home country. He has been singing music from his new album Regleman. The songs on the album tell a story of Erol’s history with vodou. He joins Dick Gordon to share stories and song.

  • Find out more about Erol's music here.
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