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March 12, 2010

Chilean Crush


Yesterday, Chileans paused in their clean-up efforts. Two things happened. There was a frightening series of aftershocks - the largest since the quake - and they happened to coincide with the swearing in of a new president. Derek Mossman is among those in Chile hoping things will soon get back to normal. Derek runs a small winery in the hills near Santiago called the Garage Wine Company. As he tells Dick Gordon, when he made his way to the vineyard after the quake, the spilled wine on the floor looked like blood. He and his wife Pilar Miranda lost four barrels, a fortune for a small business like theirs. But they're already seeing signs that they and others in Chile's growing boutique wine industry will bounce back.



Earlier this week, the surviving members of the WASPs - Women's Air Force Service Pilots, were honored in Washington with the Congressional Gold Medal. Deanie Parrish was one of over 1,000 women who flew for the U.S. military during World War II. They helped train male pilots for combat, transported officers around the country, and allowed more men to serve overseas. They weren't recognized as veterans until decades after the war. Deanie has only recently begun to tell her story. She talks with Dick about her adventures in the air and the importance of remembering the past.


Gracias a la Vida by Gracia Parra for the album Violeta Parra: Las Ultimas Composiciones

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