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March 02, 2010

Contaminated Well Water


Ron and Kari Craton thought they were buying their dream home for retirement. It's in the small town of Fennville, Mich. They liked the rural setting. But soon after they moved in, their neighbor, Birds Eye Foods, came to the door. They asked to put a test well on the Cratons' property. Months later, it became clear their water was contaminated - the Cratons say the water stains clothing, damages pipes and kills wildlife. Birds Eye is providing them with bottled water to drink. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says it's testing the water and looking at solutions. The trouble is, Birds Eye Foods is the major employer in the area, and no one wants to see those jobs lost - and the Cratons say things are moving far too slowly.


Tamika is a teenager who grew up with drug-addicted parents and ended up in the foster care system in Atlanta. Thelma Harris is a retiree who lost her own mother as a young girl, and was looking for a way to help kids in trouble. When Thelma was assigned to work with Tamika, she knew she'd have to earn Tamika's trust. But the close friendship that developed was one that neither of them expected.

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