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March 09, 2010

The Corner Office


As a rule, female entrepreneurs are rare, especially in the high tech field. But CEO Ping Fu has experience breaking the rules. She was expelled from her native China in the 1980s for writing a paper about infanticide. She studied computer science in the U.S. and now runs a successful 3-D imaging company. Despite the rough economy, her firm, Geomagic, is still hiring employees. And, she was Michelle Obama's guest at this year's State of the Union Address. Dick Gordon talks with Ping about her journey out of China, and on to success in the U.S.


Meg Bratsch's ears perked up recently when she heard Dick's conversation with a "hooker booker." That conversation made Meg think about the strangest job she ever had. She was an out-of-work book editor when she read a job posting for a local publishing house. The only catch - the job was with a New Age and Occult publisher. Once Meg started work, the magic and witchcraft began. Meg tells Dick that despite the hexes and ghost jars, she managed to keep her sanity and even learn something about herself.

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