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March 04, 2010

Deep Undercover


Most police departments have people who work undercover. Often that means little more than coming to work in civilian clothes. Not in Memphis. There's a well-known school there that trains officers to go deep undercover. Many graduates go on to work for the Memphis Police Department. The officers take on a completely new identity and go undercover for months or years gathering intelligence on drug dealers and other criminals. Detective April Leatherwood went undercover as a drug addict for nearly a year. April says she severed all ties with family. She was so deeply undercover as "Summer Smith," she began to question her real identity. April talks with Dick Gordon about the high price of catching the bad guys. 



Sammi DeAngelis has been a waitress for over 40 years. These days you'll find Sammi at the Omega Diner in North Brunswick, New Jersey. It is a classic Jersey diner, about 45 minutes from New York City. Sammi is one of the waitresses featured in a new book called Counter Culture that celebrates the work of America's coffee shop waitresses. She joins Dick to discuss the economy (tips are still down) - and what she loves about working in a diner.

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