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March 17, 2010

Health Care From The Inside


As the debate over health care reform continues we take a look back at the long debate over the establishment of Medicare. Ted Marmor spent one unforgettable summer working as a Washington insider and helping to establish the Medicare rules before the landmark act was implemented in 1966. Though he went on to a successful academic Ivy League career, Ted always wanted to be back in government and making change from the inside. Ted talks with Dick Gordon about the lessons he learned in the 1960s and how those lessons can be applied to today.



Kristen Edsall moved to Boston with high hopes. She landed in a hip neighborhood and she had a nice neighbor - or so it seemed. Kristen became friends with the neighbor - her daughter watched Kristen's cat when she was away. But the relationship turned sour when the neighbor asked to borrow Kristen's car. Kristen said no…and later found out the neighbor scammed her and keyed her car in revenge. Dick talks with Kristen about how easy it is to be conned, and not realize it, till much later.

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