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March 03, 2010

A Long History Of Quakes


As the death toll from Chile's earthquake continues to rise, many are remembering the country's long history of devastating quakes. Francisco Valenzuela was a young boy when the ground shook in the city of Chillan and killed 30,000 people. More than 70 years later, Francisco still has nightmares about the experience. He talks with Dick Gordon about his memories of that time, and his confidence that, in time, the resilient soul of the Chilean people will prevail.


The California budget crisis is hitting the state's universities, hard. The University of California, once a model for public universities around the country, has been told to cut their budget by 20% next year, over $600 million. For weeks now faculty, staff, and students have been mobilizing, calling for a statewide March for Public Education on March 4th. Dick talks with Zac Taylor, a student at UC Berkeley who has struggled since day one to afford the school. Zac is from out of state, his parents lost their home in foreclosure, and now massive tuition hikes loom. Zac has been out among the protesters, and to save money, he's decided to graduate in three years.


The earthquake in Chile grabbed the headlines for much of this week. We wanted to get a sense of what it's like in the capital city there, so Dick connected with Macarena Urzúa. She's a graduate student living in Santiago. Macarena says that even though she saw a man rob someone in front of her, her hopes for her country are high.


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