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March 30, 2010

Love And Foreclosure


Stephanie and Bob Walker got caught up in the real estate boom of the mid 2000s and bought a dream home in the Los Angeles area. Then, in June 2008, Bob lost his job and pretty soon he and Stephanie had to face the possibility of foreclosure. They were able to arrange a short sale, but had to sell or give away just about everything inside the house because they couldn't afford to move it. Stephanie and Bob talk with Dick Gordon about how losing their home and tightening their belts brought them closer together, and how Stephanie's blog led them to a rent-free house on an island. This story originally aired on 11/24/09.

  • Look at photos of the couple and their home
  • Check out the Love in the Time of Foreclosure website
  • Read Stephanie's blog



Peter Maerz has been an avid diver for nearly 20 years. Recently, on a diving expedition in Palm Beach, the unimaginable happened.  His dive boat left him behind.  Peter was left in the open ocean with just his camera, an oxygen tank, and a few safety devices. Night was coming. Peter shares with Dick the story of that day, and how he found his camera, a month after having to drop it to the bottom of the sea. This story originally aired on 11/24/09.

  • See pictures from Peter's recovered camera
  • Music in this story: Octopus's Garden by The Beatles
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