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March 10, 2010

Marriage And The Army


Last week, Dick Gordon spoke with Courtney Cook. She had written the essay "How to Leave a Soldier." Courtney and her husband John decided, through letters, to end their marriage while John was deployed in Iraq. A lot of listeners wrote in about Courtney, some congratulating her for talking honestly about the stress of a military marriage, others accusing her of being unpatriotic or disloyal or generally a bad person. 

Yvonne L'Abbe's letter stood out. She wrote that her husband had also left the military to be at home with her. And he also chose to go back to war, to Afghanistan. Yvonne and her husband Mark Harrell talk to Dick about how they got through their wartime estrangement, and what finally led Mark to work he finds almost as fulfilling as what he once did in the Army: making and selling high-end saws for woodworkers.

  • Learn more about Mark's saw company



Every time the price of gold heads towards $1000 an ounce, Debra Graham is reminded of the adventure she had back in the 80s. It all began when she was unemployed and took out an ad offering a reward for information leading to a job. She got much more than she bargained for, buying gold in small town hotel rooms for a generous salary paid in cash…no questions asked and no receipts required. 

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