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March 22, 2010

Into The Maw At Marja


Tyler Hicks has probably seen more of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq than most of the soldiers who’ve been sent to serve there. As a staff photographer with The New York Times, he’s either embedded with the troops, or off on his own trying to tell the story of what’s happening on the other side. Tyler is just back from Afghanistan. He was embedded for seven weeks with the Marines. Much of his time was spent on the offensive into the Taliban stronghold of Marja. Tyler’s unit landed under cover of darkness, and the intense fighting began almost immediately. Tyler joins Dick Gordon to talk about capturing images of a war that is gaining in intensity.

  • See a slideshow of Tyler's latest images from Marja  
  • Look at a slideshow of the images Tyler took last year on the day an IED exploded



Today thousands of people are marching in California’s state capital Sacramento to protest education budget cuts. One of the people participating in that protest today is Jabari Aali Shaw. Jabari is a student activist at Laney Community College in Oakland, Calif., who first appeared on this show in 2007 when he was released from prison. Dick talks to Jabari about why he's taking to the streets in protest, and what motivates him to help other students.

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