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March 08, 2010

She's In Charge


Lt. Col. Jody Nelson is on her second tour of duty in Afghanistan. She’s responsible for more than 750 troops and is working daily with Afghans in an attempt to bring security to her area. Col. Nelson talks to Dick Gordon about her work providing Afghans with economic viability, something she feels is key to creating a safe and secure environment. Her most recent project is helping to build a carpet factory, where Afghan men and women injured in the war can earn money - which hopefully will lessen the chances that they’ll accept day jobs from the Taliban instead.


There have been a number of attacks on civilians in the Afghan capital recently. One recent attack targeted doctors who were there to help impoverished kids. That news hit Dr. Randall Williams hard. He's made several trips to Iraq and Afghanistan to train doctors. He's faced danger during these volunteer trips, but he says there's nothing more rewarding than helping the brave doctors who stay in these regions, even though they have the money to leave.

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