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March 24, 2010



Rachelle and Richard Strauss went on a seaside holiday in 2004. The trip changed their lives forever. The cute little village by the ocean in England suffered an unprecedented flood. The Strauss's did all they could to help people and that day, they both started thinking about climate change. It prompted them to change their lifestyle forever. Their goal? To minimize their own carbon footprint. They started with their trash. This year, the couple has pledged to produce zero waste for the landfill. Richard and Rachelle talk with Dick Gordon about their new way of life.

  • Find out more about the Strauss' effort to create zero waste



Twenty years ago, Vince Hannemann artistically lined up some hubcaps and a grocery cart filled with shoes on top against his backyard fence. Today, the three-story "Cathedral of Junk" - made of 6 tons of rusty metal, cast off electronics, gadgets, toys, furniture and anything else you can think of - attracts thousands of visitors each year. The "cathedral" plays host to weddings, birthday parties, theater groups and international tourists. Vince says that as he has shaped the cathedral, so has it shaped him, drawing him out of his shell to interact with people and bear witness to their wonder. This story originally aired on November 23, 2009.

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