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March 16, 2010

Walking Away


Arizona is one state that's really feeling the effects of the collapse in home prices. One in every 163 households got a foreclosure filing last month. Steve Walsh is one of the many who may soon see his home put up for auction. What makes Steve's story different is that he could have continued to pay his mortgage, but he is choosing not to. It's a choice that a growing number of people are considering. Steve decided that it just wasn't worth it anymore to keep making payments on a place that wasn't going to regain its lost value.


Marc Tasman was a guest on the program a few weeks ago. He took a Polaroid photograph of himself every day for ten years. Christine Ferrera wrote in response to that program. Christine is conducting an "endurance art project" of her own. She's been filling out and submitting the comment card at Starbucks - daily. She joins Dick Gordon to share some of her letters, and the coffee company's responses.

  • Special thanks to the storytelling program The Stoop for the audio from Christine's public readings of her letters. Listen to Christine's public reading here.

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