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April 27, 2010

The B.U.M.S

People who analyze economic trends tell us there’s definitely an economic recovery underway. But there’s been no improvement for those who are seeking full time work.

Bill Gascoigne and Kyle Mankes are both under 40 and unemployed. Kyle was once a business analyst. Bill formerly worked as a Michigan city manager. Now they’ve created a group called BUMS: The Brotherhood of Unemployed Men. They meet regularly at a local bar for support (and pool). Kyle and Bill talk with Dick Gordon about their efforts to find work and their passion to help other unemployed men.

The Gubbins Experiment

We are in the season where, in most places around the country, people are starting to get on their bikes. Adam Greenfield made a rash New Year’s resolution a year ago -  to live 100% car-free for all of 2009. He did not set foot in a car, even a cab, for a year. During that time, he figured out how to haul lumber to his home, attend his brother’s wedding in Europe, and give tours of San Francisco - all car-free. Adam joins Dick to talk about his experiment, and his hope that others will offer their own tales of green trial and error.

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