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April 09, 2010

Daddy's Little Rocker

Daddy's Little Rocker

Blair Hansen started singing lessons when she was 9 and recorded her first album when she was 15. Ever since, she’s dreamed of being the next Dixie Chicks. With album number three just released and a song in a new movie, she’s on her way. Blair’s success has been boosted considerably by her number one fan - her dad Steve Hansen. He’s worked day and night promoting her music since she was a kid - booking gigs, driving her to rehearsals and concerts, even giving up a new business he’d just launched. Dick Gordon talks to the father-daughter duo about the ups and downs of tackling music as a family business.

Free at Last

Today - an update. Regular listeners of the program know that for the past three years we have been following the fate of one detainee at Guantanamo, Mr. Al Ghizzawi. We check in regularly with his lawyer, Candace Gorman. Candace's latest blog entry on the case is this: "I am just back from the beautiful country of Georgia where Al-Ghizzawi, after 8 years of wrongful imprisonment at Guantanamo, is now a free man."


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