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April 26, 2010

Non-Combat PTSD

There are no easy answers for questions about treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Department of Defense has put a lot of money into brain research. But across the country Marines and soldiers are coming home from war with psychological troubles. The former Marine Jeremy Berggren has been diagnosed with the disorder, even though he didn't serve in a combat situation. He had all the training to prepare him to kill, and in his case, to clean up dead bodies, but he was never sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. And knowing that he did not serve in combat, when his comrades did, haunts Jeremy. But these days he has found peace - and an unusual outlet for his memories and regrets.


So what's your plan for the great family getaway? Is it camping? A week at the beach? Sue and Dave Dixon decided to take their kids and go - but not just for the summer. They went on vacation for an entire year. They bought themselves one of those little Volkswagen Westphalia camper vans and they went from Alaska to Mexico and lots of places in between. They join Dick Gordon tell stories from their travels, including the time they lost the brakes on the way down a mountain.

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