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April 30, 2010

The Power of Wind

It took nine years, but earlier this week the Cape Wind Project got the go-ahead. And while the people who opposed the establishment of the tall wind turbines off the coast of Cape Cod say they're not done yet, the decision is seen as a big step forward in the embrace of wind power as an alternate, and greener, form of power. Pete Ferrell is a rancher in Kansas who fought and won a similar fight. Since the late 1800s, his family has found ways to harness wind power. Now Pete has turned half his ranch into a wind farm. He tells Dick Gordon about the opposition he has encountered along the way.


The Cape Wind Project is just one of many such projects around the U.S. In a remote part of Maine, a wind power company has already set up 55 wind turbines. Stetson Mountain is now New England's largest wind farm. It's been relatively free from controversy because it is well off in the woods. The closest town is 17 miles away. Mike Cianchette was a project operations manager there. What makes Mike's story unique is that he transitioned into the job from an industry that's on the downturn: shipping. 

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