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April 21, 2010

Through The Ash

Flying Through Ash

Commercial airline pilots are beginning to fly again, after a cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland kept them grounded for nearly a week. Jess Hagerman knows something about what it's like to fly through ash. Jess was asked to run rescue missions the morning that Mount St. Helens volcano erupted in May, 1980. It didn't help when he was told about a plane that had flown through volcanic ash and had all its engines cut out. Jess talks with Dick Gordon about the risks and the rescues from that day.

Covered in Ash

Stephanie Guediri is also intimately familiar with volcanic ash. When she was 14, she and her family went for a day trip to a national park. They saw a curious fast-approaching cloud. The family was soon covered by volcanic ash - and they were stuck. The cars wouldn't work, and there was no way for them to leave. They stayed for several days until Stephanie's dad came up with an ingenious plan to get the cars to move.

The Aftermath

Countless air travelers were sidelined during the past week as volcanic ash plume hovered over Europe. One of them was Martin Cunningham. Martin was about to fulfil his dream of running the Boston Marathon. Martin talks with Dick about what it was like to watch the marathon from his home in England, and his hopes for next year's race.

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