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April 06, 2010

Women and Prison

Women and Prison

Destiny Coleman and Vicki Lopez-Lukis are two women from different walks of life. Destiny grew up in poverty and had a troubled childhood. Vicki made history as the youngest person admitted to Notre Dame University. Both women landed behind bars. But they became fast friends when they discovered their shared history. Now they have banded together to assist young women in making positive lifestyle choices after incarceration. The two talk with Dick Gordon the trajectory of their unusual friendship, and their hopes for helping other young women avoid life behind bars.


Pirates continue to be in the news. On Sunday, pirates seized an oil tanker that was headed to the US. And late last week, a U.S. warship sank a pirate boat and captured five gunmen. Max Hardberger has direct experience of high seas piracy. His job is to take back ships that have been pirated and return them to their rightful owners. As he tells Dick, Max enjoys out-pirating the pirates - even when it means occasionally stepping over the legal line himself.

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