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June 29, 2010

Big Changes In The Gulf

Big Changes In The Gulf

Larry and Ellen Johnson have lived in the Gulf Coast area their entire life and run a local seafood business called High Tide Foods. They catch and sell shrimp, oysters and crabs just as their parents did and their kids and grandkids are doing now. Larry even courted Ellen years ago with a big bucket of blue crabs that he caught himself in the marshes around their home. But as oil courses into the Gulf for the third straight month, the future of their business and their way of life is unclear.

Representing Gulf Victims

Dick also talks with Al Jordan, an attorney in Ocean Springs, Miss. Al lost his home in Hurricane Katrina and has watched the Gulf rebuild only to be hit again by another disaster. He shares his experience of working with BP adjusters and representing the Johnsons and other fishing families.

Summer Job: At the Racetrack

Charles Cornett grew up near a few racetracks in Lebanon, Ohio. In the mid-1960s, Charles was 18, and headed to college. His father was the veterinarian who monitored the condition of the horses at the racetracks. So Charles and his brother got jobs as "veterinarian assistants." A more descriptive title might be "horse urine

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