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June 07, 2010

Changing Schools

Changing Schools

The Wake County School Board, in North Carolina, attracted national attention recently, when newly-elected board members voted to end its diversity policy in favor of assigning students to neighborhood schools.

Fay Cobb Payton grew up in a poor area of Georgia. She managed to get a good education by avoiding her neighborhood public school and demanding placement at a better-resourced magnet school. So when Fay first moved her family to North Carolina, she was pleased to send her kids to magnet schools in Wake County, with its system-wide diversity policy in place. Fay talks with Dick Gordon about how her own schooling changed her life, and her hopes for her kids now that the diversity policy is being dismantled.

Dick also talks with Debra Goldman. Debra is a member of the Wake County school board who voted for the new school assignment plan. She tells Dick that her own frustrating experiences with the education system led her to fight not only on behalf of her own kids, but for all the children of Wake County

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