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June 16, 2010

The Cost Of A Fin

The Cost Of A Fin

With the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico, the country's attention has now turned to the health of wildlife in our oceans. That's a concern that Randall Arauz knows well. Randall is a marine biologist in Costa Rica who has been working for years to protect sea turtles there. One day he saw a video documenting "shark finning." Fishermen haul in sharks, cut off the fins, and dump the bodies of the sharks back into the ocean. Chefs in Asia use the fins to make an expensive delicacy - shark fin soup. Experts say the world population of sharks has been cut by as much as 90 percent because of this practice. Randall just won an environmental prize for his work.

Summer Job: EMT
Today, another in our summer jobs series. While still in high school back in 1979, Joel Norton was attracted by ambulance sirens at the hospital in his small Minnesota home town. He asked about employment, and before long he was taking classes and making runs himself as an emergency medical technician. In college, it proved to be a great part time job, but when his pager went off, he'd have to leave classes and tests and sprint half a mile to the hospital since he had no car. Joel talks to Dick Gordon about the trauma and rewards of his first job, and how it affected his career choice.

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