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June 15, 2010

Following The Plumes

Following The Plumes

When marine sciences grad student Lisa Nigro got a call one Friday a few weeks back, she didn’t have time to think about being part of history. She had three days to prepare for a scientific expedition to help study the newly-discovered oil plumes drifting in the Gulf of Mexico. The plumes are a result of the gigantic BP spill. And while it was exciting to be in the Gulf, Lisa tells Dick that seeing first-hand the extent of the water contamination was devastating.

Uncle John's Band

We have had a lot of fun over the years with our “brush with fame” series of stories. Today it’s a ride in a small car with a music legend: Jerry Garcia. In 1973, Jeff Schiff was the biggest Deadhead in his high school. Jeff loved the Grateful Dead, and especially lead guitarist and singer Jerry Garcia. Jeff’s encounter with Garcia himself is a story Jeff didn’t tell until years later … mainly because he figured no one would ever believe him.  

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