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June 23, 2010

Haiti: Two Children And A Tarp

Two Children And A Tarp

There are still more than a million and a half people living in tents and under tarps in Haiti. Many of the tarps have been out in the sun for months … so they're starting to fall apart. Now that it's the rainy season, they leak. Sandra Amilcar says all she can do us is gather her two kids under a corner of the tarp and try to stay dry. She's a single mother in Leogane and talks with Dick Gordon about how she's getting by. Dick also checks in with Roody Joseph, a Haitian American aid worker who is helping Sandra and other people in the tent community.

Caring For The Injured
Hilda Alcindor directs the nursing school in Leogane. For the past six months, her students have been helping people injured in the earthquake, and the school yard is still full of tents. Hilda trained at the national nursing school in Port au Prince, which was flattened in the quake. After working for 30 years in the U.S., she returned to serve her country. Now she's trying to convince a new generation of Haitian nurses to do the same thing.

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