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June 14, 2010

Haiti: A View From The Street

A View From The Street

In areas hardest hit by the earthquake in Haiti, steady food and clean water are still scarce. And across the country, good jobs are hard to come by.

Sandro Linden is a street merchant in Port-au-Prince. He competes with dozens of other vendors to sell goods and earn money for his family of five. He carries his goods in a backpack - teeshirts, deodorant, you name it. He talks with Dick about how he and his family has been faring since the quake. 

A Loss In The Family

When we can, The Story checks in with Abdi, a young schoolteacher living in Mogadishu, Somalia. Since we last heard from Abdi, the situation has only gotten worse. He's had run-ins with both soldiers and the Islamists, and some of his family members have been sick with malaria.

The Key To The Boneyard

As an 11-year-old Air Force brat living in France in the 1960s, Beau Bennett discovered a centuries-old cemetery worthy of an Indiana Jones film. According to local lore, ancient graves that no longer had descendants paying a yearly burial fee were dumped into a bone yard. Of course, Beau and his gang of friends couldn't wait to explore … and take a few souvenirs with them for a school show-and-tell. Forty years later, Beau returned to the bone yard to try and return the last piece of their booty.

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