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June 11, 2010

Hold At All Costs

Hold At All Costs

This month is the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. It was on this day, 57 years ago, when American soldiers fought one of the most pivotal battles of that conflict. The 15th Infantry Regiment was sent to hold a small hilltop that was just beyond the front line. Although Outpost Harry had great strategic significance, it was so small that no more than 150 soldiers could defend it at any one time. Over the course of a week, over 13,000 Chinese soldiers took turns trying to storm the hill in wave after wave of assaults. Sergeant Jerry Cunningham was there, and joins Dick Gordon to share memories of the battle, and his search for his friend’s final resting place.


What Win?

The World Cup begins tomorrow, and soccer fans around the world are preparing to cheer for their teams. Cheering in some countries is a whole lot different from what happens in the U.S. That was a lesson that Becky Levi learned when she went to the West African country of Senegal to work and study. Becky’s story involves one terrifying and hilarious lesson in cross-cultural sportsmanship.

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