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June 01, 2010

Korea's Divide

Korea's Divide

The Reverend Syngman Rhee is watching the latest sabre rattling between North and South Korea with great concern. He's worried that it could lead to another war on the Korean peninsula. Rev. Rhee has lived this division between North and South. He was born in the North, but fled soon after the communists executed his father, just before the start of the Korean War. Syngman then joined the South Korean military and fought against his countrymen in the North. He says for many years, he was angry about what had happened to him and his country. But then, as a young university chaplain in the U.S., he heard the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. That inspired him to forgive, and spend the rest of his life working towards Korean reconciliation.

To India With Love

Barrie and Tod duBois met on a blind date and had a whirlwind courtship. They lived together, registered as domestic partners in their home state of California and were head-over-heels in love. But they had no desire to get married. Two years ago, Barrie and Tod traveled to India and decided to celebrate their commitment to each other in a simple ceremony on the beach. But while traveling on the luxury train known as the Palace on Wheels, they began to craft a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. With the help of fellow travelers and train staff, the couple celebrated their wedding in style, changing their ideas about marriage forever.

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