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June 08, 2010

The Roxy On Twitter

The Roxy on Twitter

Twitter is often dismissed as a frivolous way to keep track of celebrities, or to announce to friends that you’re not going to the gym today. It’s actually become a lot more powerful a tool than that. Today Dick Gordon talks with the owner of the legendary music club The Roxy about the way social media has brought new life to the Sunset Strip club. Nic's dad, Lou Adler, started the club in 1973 - the same year Nic was born. Nic literally grew up there, but by the time he took over, the entire Strip was in decline. Nic is now reviving the club, and his business community, with social media strategies, dropping print ads in favor of spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook. 

Commencement at Last

In 1970, Dr. Marcia Wells Avery was a senior nursing student at Boston University when campus protests around the country caused the cancellation of commencement. Forty years later, her class was invited back to officially walk in the school’s 2010 graduation ceremony. Even after all this time and three advanced degrees, Dr. Wells says “there’s nothing like the first.” She remembers her participation in an administration building takeover then and shares her joy in graduation now.

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