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June 30, 2010

A Soap Box Derby Family

A Soap Box Derby Family

There was talk in 2010 that the All American Soap Box Derby in Akron Ohio, might end its 75 year tradition of hosting the national event. The organizers were in debt. The bank called a loan. Now a group of Akron’s business leaders are putting together new funding to keep next month’s event alive.

The Osbon boys know what the annual races mean to them. They spent their summer hours sawing, nailing, sanding and painting in the quest for the perfect Soap Box Derby car. With the help of their dad, Tony, Jim and Julian raced to win - and did - each of them taking home a championship one time during their racing careers, earning them a place at the nationals in Akron. The Osbons talk to Dick about those summer days in the 1950s, the bonds they forged among themselves and with their dad, and how this curious sport left a lasting impact on their lives.

A Forgotten Protest

The World Cup has drawn international attention to South Africa this year. The nation has welcomed many countries for cricket and rugby matches and golf tournaments, but this is the first such world-wide sporting event to be hosted by the South Africa. For many years, the country was banned from participating in international event because of the nation’s policy of apartheid. But South African athletes, such as golf’s Gary Player, did compete. Today, Dick speaks with Jeff Keating. Jeff was working as a caddie at a PGA event when people protesting against Player’s participation stampeded their way onto one of the greens in the middle of play.

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