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June 02, 2010

Trading To Teaching

Trading to Teaching

As the recession turns the job market upside down, many people find themselves doing work they never expected to be doing. Peter Sayles worked on Wall Street. He was an assistant vice president for a big bank. When he got laid off, he retrained to be a math teacher under a special "Traders to Teachers" program. It seems there's historically always been a shortage of math teachers - until now. Education budgets have been cut, and teaching is not such a stable job anymore. Peter joins Dick Gordon to talk about his career transition. He still hopes to find a good job in the classroom.

The Babe's Ball Field

Private schools are facing budget cuts just like public schools are-and in some cases are being closed down completely. Cardinal Gibbons catholic high school in Baltimore is a recent casualty of the recession. When the school closes down this summer, it’s not just the building that will be locked up - the historic baseball field, where Babe Ruth learned to play, will also be shut down. Dick talks with baseball coach, and former player, Matt Foster, about what playing on that field has meant to him over the years. They are joined by student athletes and brothers Justin and Dominic Fratantuono to talk about the legacy of the Babe and the final season of playing on Babe’s ball field.

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