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July 14, 2010

The Cost of Deepwater Drilling

The Cost of Deep Water Drilling

Casey DeMoss Roberts was 17 when her father, a oil rig drilling engineer, was killed onboard the Seacrest Drill Ship off the coast of Thailand. A typhoon capsized the vessel. Most of the workers onboard were killed, and the accident is still ranked among the deadliest rig accidents of all time. Inspired in part by her father’s death, Casey began studying the intersection of the environment with public health issues. She now lives in New Orleans and works for the Gulf Restoration Network - which is currently focusing on the effects of Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Malagasy Homecoming

Razia Said grew up in her grandmother's home in Madagascar, dancing and singing on the table as her relatives clapped. When she was 11, her mother came and took her away to live in West Africa with a French stepfather. Razia eventually went even further, to France and then New York City, where she was singing R&B and jazz: she'd never felt so homesick. It wasn't until Razia had a baby that she began writing and singing in Malagasy, the language she grew up with. She ended up returning to Madagascar to record traditional music. She talks with Dick Gordon about how the environmental devastation she saw there became the subject of her album.

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