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July 13, 2010


A burro with a scared look on it's face
"Lightning Scares Burro" from the animated film

El Salon Mexico - The Movie

El Salon Mexico - The Movie

Paul Glickman and Tamarind Kingare unlikely creative collaborators. She's a young woman with wonderful talent as an artist. He's a retired New York filmmaker who had one project he still wanted to do. Together, they've made a 12-minute masterpiece - a fully-animated, hand-drawn cartoon to the score of Aaron Copland's El Salon Mexico. The story begins with a young boy, Antonito, who sneaks away from home with his friends, the chicken and the donkey, to a fiesta.


Last summer, after seven years of writing novels no one was interested in publishing, Karen McQuestion decided to try something new. With no expectations, she uploaded one of her books, a romantic comedy, to Kindle. Six hours later, she had her first sale … for $1.99. Now she's had more than 30,000 downloads, a movie deal and a real live paperback coming out in August. 

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