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July 28, 2010

Homeless On The Road

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Anita Woodley


A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation says the number of children living in poverty in America has hit a new high water mark. Nearly one in five kids now live in poverty. That’s a million more than before the start of the great recession. Five years ago, Diane Nilan sold her home and hit the road in a R.V. armed with a video camera to capture the lives of homeless children. Today Diane still careens through the small towns of America in her small mobile home called “Tilley” to uncover pockets of homelessness.


This week we are listening back to the special series that aired this past year on The Story. We call the series Clean Water - and we expect to do more stories on this topic in the coming year. The subject is important. Some predict that by 2025, there will be serious water insufficiency for over half of the world's population. Deborah Cramer knows the health of our oceans is a critical part of the cycle. Deborah writes about oceans - her work has given scientists and children alike new insight into how to keep the world’s oceans healthy.

  • Find out more about Deborah and her books
  • See photos from the books
  • See a video for the Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water Our World book 
  • Learn more about the Smithsonian exhibit
  • Explore the sea around you
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