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July 06, 2010

Ixtoc Road Trip


This past week, BP earned a dubious new distinction. Although it’s not the first oil company to have a blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s now officially the worst. In June 1979, the Ixtoc 1 offshore oil well exploded and oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico for 10 months. Within weeks oil was coating the beaches of south Texas. Leo Trevino was a college student back then in Corpus Christi, when one of his professors asked him to grab his diving gear and travel down to Mexico to check on a research site not far from the Ixtoc. Along the way, Leo and another grad student surveyed the Mexican coastline, looking for oil and documenting recovery efforts. Leo talks with Dick Gordon about what he saw on his Ixtoc roadtrip, and how well the Gulf of Mexico has recovered in the three decades since.

Surprising Dad

Robert McKee's dad was dying. He and his brothers knew this and decided to plan a trip to New York with him as a "living funeral." Robert's dad, Art McKee, had been a firefighter and once saved a 5-year-old girl from a burning synagogue. Robert tracked down the woman, who was now a mother of 11 kids. He surprised his dad with a special reunion that Robert says was the perfect celebration of his dad's life.

  • Read the NY Daily News news article
  • Visit Robert McKee's Web site to learn more about his father's trip to New York
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