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July 16, 2010


Uncle Baldy and wife Essie sitting at a table
This photo of Boston's Uncle Baldy and wife Essie is featured on the cover of "The Revenge of Uncle Baldy."

Revenge of Uncle Baldy

The Revenge Of Uncle Baldy

Musician Boston Fielder has music in his blood; his Uncle Baldy was one of Elvis’ first musical influences. But Boston didn’t grow up with dreams of making it as a professional music man. He didn’t even play an instrument until his mid 20s. But when Boston found himself on a tour of a recording studio and picked up a bass guitar, he immediately fell in love with the idea of making music.

His band MuthaWit just released a new album called “Men & Women or la Revenge de Uncle Baldy.” And Boston’s also spreading his musical love through the UrbAlt Music Festival. Boston talks with guest host Farai Chideya about those projects and about how he’s connecting generations of his family through music.

One Yankee Fan...And His Son

Yankee fans are mourning the loss of the team’s legendary owner, George Steinbrenner. He died earlier this week of a heart attack. Given that news, we thought it was a good time to listen back to one of our favorite stories from this past year, when Dick Gordon talked to another Yankee legend, a man who goes by the name “Freddie Sez.” Freddy is the unofficial mascot of the New York Yankees. At nearly every game, he bangs pots and pans and revs up the crowd. Freddy’s Yankee celebrity even helped him reconnect with his estranged son Cliff.

  • Watch the YouTube video of Freddy that first aired on No Mas TV
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